Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Foreclosure Victims Hotline

I have a strong compassion for victims of economic hardtimes and have created this blog to provide them with a forum for sharing ideas, feelings, and emotions. Some may experience some form of healing by just sharing and knowing they are not alone. I also hope that this blog will provide a resource of helpful information for those in need. Additionally, some may have been preyed upon by fraudulent schemers and by sharing your experiences in this blog, several goals will be accomplished: 1) others might be saved from being victimized, 2) the perpetrators will be removed from the streets, and 3) their assets might be seized (by aggressive prosecutors) to provide for some victim restitution.

In this regard, I have also dedicated a page on my newly created website at that provides helpful information for foreclosure victims. There is also an interactive page for those that have questions.

By richardseward


Kristy said...

I know Rick through Rotary and can vouch for his sincere compassion and interest in helping people. He has just the right mix of experience to make him the ideal "go to" lawyer for all real estate and estate concerns.
- Kristy

richardseward said...

Thanks for your posting, and nice picture! I hope word gets out so we can put a stop to the fraudulent schemes that are taking place in our communities, preying on foreclosure victims.

Jennifer said...

I concur with Kristy's comments. Rick's passion for helping people is remarkable. He is a great resource for legal insight.